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Settlement of Dog Bite Injury Claim Resolved in Court

Posted: August 4th, 2017

A High Court judge has awarded a woman more than €234,000 in settlement of her dog bite injury claim after a hearing for the assessment of damages.

The woman – who cannot be named under direction by the High Court – was enjoying an evening walk near her home when she approached two boxer dogs standing at the top of the driveway to their owner´s home. The two dogs started to approach the woman and, when she told them to go home, they jumped up and attacked her, knocking her onto the verge of the road.

During the prolonged attack, the woman suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations to both arms as she tried to shield her face, and smaller lacerations to her face and body. The dogs only stopped attacking the woman when a passing motorist sounded the horn on her car and the dogs ran away. The woman has multiple scars across her face and body, and suffered emotionally from her ordeal.

After the attack was reported to the Garda, the dogs were destroyed. The woman also made a dog bite injury claim against the owners of the dog, who admitted liability for her injuries. The woman´s claim was then referred to the High Court for the assessment of damages, and the assessment hearing took place last week before Mr Justice Anthony Barr.

At the assessment hearing, Judge Barr was shown photographs of the woman both before and after the attack. He also heard evidence from a medical expert confirming the injuries the woman had sustained and accepted that she suffered a moderate form of post-traumatic stress disorder following the attack that has affected her personality and mental state.

Awarding the woman €234,557 in settlement of her dog bite injury claim, the judge commented she had undergone a terrifying attack that had left her with substantial scarring. Judge Barr added he was confident the woman had not tried to embellish the details of the attack, nor had tried to exaggerate the injuries she had suffered.

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