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Childhood Fireplace Injury Compensation Approved

Posted: December 17th, 2016

A young boy, who seriously injured his finger on a poorly designed fireplace, has been awarded a five-figure settlement of compensation.

The injury occurred in November 2011, when the young boy was just sixteen months old. Whilst playing, he managed to slice his finger on the base of a wall-mounted fireplace. After he was rushed to the Accident and Emergency Department of Crumlin Hospital, it was discovered that he managed to completely sever a tendon, as well as damaging another. He also cut several nerves and an artery.

The injury had to be correctly surgically, with the young boy requiring a general anaesthetic for the duration of the procedure. Afterward, he had to wear a cast for several weeks. Five years on, and the child, fortunately, has no lasting damage except a small scar. This is expected to fade as he grows up.

Acting through his father, the boy made a claim for personal injury compensation against the manufacturers of the fireplace, Focal Point Fires of London, and its retailer, B&Q. The claim alleged that the fireplace had been poorly designed to prevent such accidents. Both the manufacturer and the retailer admitted negligence, offering €30,000 in compensation.

Though the family accepted the offer, the case had to proceed to the Circuit Court for approval. This was because the claim was made on behalf of a minor.

At the hearing, Judge James O’Donohoe was told the circumstances of the accident and subsequent injury. He was also informed that the child had recovered use of his hand and that there was little chance of permanent scarring. He proceeded to approve the settlement.

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