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Dog Bite Injury

€32,000 Dog Attack Compensation Paid After Boy (12) Bitten in Attack

Posted: November 2nd, 2017

15-year-old schoolboy Adam Russell was today awarded €32,000 compensation for personal injuries after being attacked and bitten in the face by a neighbour’s German Pointer dog

Legal Representations for Mr Russell, Barrister Brian Sugrue, claimed the boy was at the home of Erica Deacon and Eoin Gibson in the Ballinclea Heights estate in Killiney, Co Dublin when the dog, a Weimaraner short-haired German pointer, attacked him (Adam).

Circuit Court President Justice Raymond Groarke was told by Mr Sugrue that Adam Russell, who was 12 years old at the time of the attack, was attacked and bitten on his face by the dog while trying to play with it.

Adam, taking the legal compensation case through his father Colm Russell, was playing at the house belonging to Deacon and Gibson on 28 September 2013 when the German Pointer dog suddenly bit him.

He was taken, for treatment, to the Swiftcare Clinic, Dundrum, Dublin, where the cut to his face were dealt with by physicians. His nose injury was sutured and the wound just under his lower lip had been closed with surgical glue. The tooth injury suffered was later treated by dentists at Dalkey Dental Clinic.

Adam Russell’s injured tooth would possibly, according to Mr Sugrue, need a crown in the future but part of the €32,000 dog attack compensation settlement offer took future dental work into consideration.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Patricia Eadie had examined Adam’s scars in 2016 and the court was told that revision surgery may have to take place. The scarring on his nose is permanent.

Judge Groarke was told that Mr Sugrue was approving acceptance of the €32,000 child injury compensation offer.  Mr Groarke said that, while not generous, this offer was within the normal range of compensation for such dog attack injuries.  The dog attack compensation offer was approved and will be invested in court funds until December 19 2019 when Adam Russell becomes 18 years of age.

Settlement of Dog Bite Injury Claim Resolved in Court

Posted: August 4th, 2017

A High Court judge has awarded a woman more than €234,000 in settlement of her dog bite injury claim after a hearing for the assessment of damages.

The woman – who cannot be named under direction by the High Court – was enjoying an evening walk near her home when she approached two boxer dogs standing at the top of the driveway to their owner´s home. The two dogs started to approach the woman and, when she told them to go home, they jumped up and attacked her, knocking her onto the verge of the road.

During the prolonged attack, the woman suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations to both arms as she tried to shield her face, and smaller lacerations to her face and body. The dogs only stopped attacking the woman when a passing motorist sounded the horn on her car and the dogs ran away. The woman has multiple scars across her face and body, and suffered emotionally from her ordeal.

After the attack was reported to the Garda, the dogs were destroyed. The woman also made a dog bite injury claim against the owners of the dog, who admitted liability for her injuries. The woman´s claim was then referred to the High Court for the assessment of damages, and the assessment hearing took place last week before Mr Justice Anthony Barr.

At the assessment hearing, Judge Barr was shown photographs of the woman both before and after the attack. He also heard evidence from a medical expert confirming the injuries the woman had sustained and accepted that she suffered a moderate form of post-traumatic stress disorder following the attack that has affected her personality and mental state.

Awarding the woman €234,557 in settlement of her dog bite injury claim, the judge commented she had undergone a terrifying attack that had left her with substantial scarring. Judge Barr added he was confident the woman had not tried to embellish the details of the attack, nor had tried to exaggerate the injuries she had suffered.

Teenager Awarded Compensation for Dog Bite

Posted: March 27th, 2015

A seventeen year-old boy has received a five-figure settlement of compensation for a dog bite after it was ruled that an animal rescue centre was negligent.

In November 2009, Rhys Loy was cycling home from school in Raheny, Dublin. On his way, Rhys, who was just twelve years old, at the time, was bitten by a five year-old dog that was being walked by Anecy Sholling, his foster owner.

Rhys was then taken to the Children’s University Hospital in Temple Street. He had suffered a superficial laceration to his calf, and at the hospital the cut was stitched together. However, Rhys returned t the hospital on many further occasions to have his dressings changed and his wound cleaned.

Acting on her son’s behalf, Sinead Byrne made a claim for personal injury compensation against the dog’s owners, Deidre and Gina Hetherington, who work at the PAWS animal rescue shelter in Co. Tipperary. Sinead also organised a warrant for  the dog to be euthanised.

However, the Hetheringtons denied that they were liable for Rhy’s injuries. They claimed that Ms Sholling had adopted the dog, a collie named Charlie, from them many moths before he attacked Rhys. They also claimed that they did not know the location of the dog, as it went missing after it escaped the Gardai trying to execute the warrant.

The claim was heard earlier this month at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin, where Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard a testimony that Ms Sholling was fostering the dog when it attacked Rhys, and that she had returned it to PAWS after the incident had occurred.

It was determined that the dog had indeed been owned by the rescue centre when it attacked Rhys, and Judge Groarke found in Rhy’s favour. He ordered Deirdre and Gina to pay Rhys €7,500 in compensation. The judge also commented that he did not believe that it was coincidental that Charlie escaped capture.


Child Compensated for Attack by Dog

Posted: January 17th, 2014

A teenager, who sustained grave injuries when she was attacked by an errant Rottweiler as a child, has received a six-figure settlement of compensation.

The accident occurred on the 26th December 2011 when Lauren Kelly, aged just nine, was playing in the street with her friends. During a game of “hunting the wren”, Lauren was walking around her town, Abbeylara in Co. Longford, when  she came across the Rottweiler. The dog had been allowed to leave its owner’s property.

Lauren was attacked by the dog and, despite her mother trying to intervene, she sustained several bites to her right arm. She was then taken to hospital, where she received treatment for twenty-six puncture wounds. Since the attack, Lauren has also had several skin grafts and has been left with dramatic scars.

Acting on Lauren’s behalf, her father – Michael – made a claim against William Crawford, the owner of the stray Rottweiler. Crawford admitted that he was responsible for Lauren’s injures and entered negotiations with the family concerning compensation. Eventually, a settlement of €150,000 was agreed between the parties.

The case proceeded to Dublin’s High Court for approval of the settlement. Mr Justice Kevin Cross heard evidence of how Lauren had been violently shaken by the dog during the attack, and of how she continues to experience nightmares. Though these, and her bouts of sleepwalking, have stopped, Lauren is still afraid of large dogs.

Judge Cross proceeded to approve the settlement of compensation for the dog attack. The settlement will be held in a trust until Lauren reaches adulthood. However, it will still be accessible by her parents should Lauren require further medical treatment for her injuries.

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