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Car Accident Compensation

In order to claim car accident compensation in Ireland, it has to be shown that you sustained an injury in an accident which could have been avoided had it not been for the negligence of another road user. A car accident claim for compensation is usually assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland, but it may be possible to get a quicker and more appropriate settlement of car accident compensation by using the services of an experienced work accident compensation solicitor to approach the negligent road user´s insurers directly. To find out if this would be a suitable course of action for your car accident compensation claim, call our free help line and discuss the circumstances of your car accident directly with one of our experienced Irish solicitors.

MIBI Injury Compensation Claim Approved in Court

Posted: March 1st, 2012

A man, who sustained a severe brain trauma and now requires permanent care after being thrown from a car driven by an uninsured driver, has had his injury compensation claim against MIBI approved in court.

The man – who is a ward of court and must be named for legal reasons – was just 19 years of age when, in March 2008, he was a back seat passenger in a car which went out of control, left the road and ran into a tree. The man, who was thrown from the car as it left the road, suffered a severe brain trauma which has left him requiring permanent nursing care and only able to communicate by means of thumb up or thumb down.

Ms Justice Mary Irvine at the High Court was told that the driver of the car had been uninsured, and that an MIBI injury compensation claim against the Motor Insurers´ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) had been made. She also was told that an agreement had been reached between the man´s legal representatives and MIBI to award 4.25 million Euros to the victim – an amount which had been reduced by 20 per cent to account for the man´scontributory negligence of failing to wear a seatbelt.

The judge approved the MIBI injury compensation settlement of the unnamed man´s injury compensation claim against MIBI, stating that it was an excellent settlement which would provide the car he required for the rest of his life. She also ordered that the foster mother who had been caring for the victim since his accident should receive an immediate lump sum payment of 544,800 Euros to cover the expenses and hospital bills she had already incurred.

Schoolboy Car Park Injury Award of 36,800 Made

Posted: October 8th, 2011

A sixteen year old schoolboy, who sustained deep cuts in his thigh when climbing over a supermarket car park fence, has had a schoolboy car park injury settlement of 36,800 Euros approved in the Circuit Civil Court.

Michael Hogan of Firhouse, County Dublin, was just eleven years old when the accident happened in 2006. Climbing over a supermarket car park fence at the Firhouse Shopping Centre, he caught his leg on a protruding and unprotected nail, which tore a deep V-shaped wound into the inside of his left thigh.

Michael´s injuries were so bad that he had to have a double layer of inner flesh stitched together under a general anaesthetic and, although he has recovered now, will be left with a permanent scar as a reminder of his injury.

Liability for the car park injury was not contested by the owners of the Firhouse Shopping centre – Colverton Limited – and Mr Justice Matthew Deery heard that the defendants had made a settlement offer of 36,800 Euros. The judge approved the compensation offer, ordering that it should be invested in court funds until Michael´s 18th birthday in March 2015.

Dublin Van Crash Victim Awarded 177,575 Euros

Posted: July 24th, 2011

A woman who was hit by a van while crossing a busy Dublin street has been awarded almost 178,000 Euros in Dublin van crash compensation in the High Court.

Amy McKernan (36) from North Ewington, Oxfordshire, was crossing the road at the junction of Wicklow Street and Clarendon Street on May 7th 2002, when she was hit by a van driven by Yuk Fong from Dublin. The force of the crash knocked her onto the bonnet of the vehicle, before she landed on the road surface – suffering facial and back injuries.

In her Dublin van crash victim claim against Mr Fong and the owner of the van – Mr Yau Tsali Li – Amy claimed that the van was driven at excessive speed, as she had seen the van pulling away from the Chinese restaurant outside which it had been parked and felt she still had plenty of time to cross the road.

Yuk Fong and Yau Tsali Li refuted the claims, and counter-claimed that Amy had contributed to her own injuries by failing to keep a proper lookout. However, as Amy was about to step onto the pavement when the accident occurred, Mr. Justice John Quirke at the High Court determined that Amy had established negligence in the driving of the van, whereas the defendants had failed to show that Amy had in any way been responsible for the Dublin van crash and her injuries.

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