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Boy (15) Awarded €26,000 Road Child Car Crash Compensation

Posted: August 1st, 2020

A car crash that took place in 2017 has resulted in a 15-year old boy being awarded €26,000 compensation at the Circuit Civil Court.

Mr David Kearney, representing Abdul-Malik, informed the Judge that the boy suffered great trauma when it appeared to him that his friend had died in the same accident. However, this was not the case as his friend had just been knocked unconscious in the car crash.

The accident in question took place when the car that Abdul was travelling in with his family was struck by another car as it was passing them. Abdul-Malik, who was sitting in the back seat of the car, sustained neck and lower-back injuries. In addition to this the court was also informed that he is suffering with persistent post-traumatic stress disorder. Justice Judge John O’Connor was informed that that the boy was already vulnerable due to the traume his experience when his older brother was abducted during the Chechen-Russian conflict conflict.

Mr Kearney told Judge O’Connor the boy’s mother was not content with the €26,000 compensation settlement offer. A knee operation on an injury that took place, in Russia, since the accident could be definitively linked to the accident. Medical experts provided testimony stating that the most likely cause of the injury was a sporting accident.

Mr Kearney informed the judge that the settlement figure would have to be adjusted upwards if the injury was a result of the road traffic accident.

Judge O’Connor informed the boy’s mother that he could not take the knee injury into account without independent medical research to back this up. Following this the boy’s mother informed the court, through her legal counsel, that they were happy to accept the award.

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