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How to Claim Personal Injury

Do you know how to claim personal injury in Ireland? Do you know how to claim personal injury in Ireland and maximise your chances of making a successful claim for compensation? Most accident victims have some idea about the process involved in how to make a claim for personal injury in Ireland, but having up to the minute and accurate legal advice can make all the difference to how much personal injury compensation you can claim for your injuries, as well as the personal injury compensation amounts that are awarded. The answer does not lie with the Injuries Board Ireland, but with getting impartial, professional legal advice from an Irish personal injury compensation solicitor.

Forget about How to Claim Personal Injury in Ireland Until You Have Sought Medical Assistance

Naturally, the first concern following an accident in which you have sustained a personal injury should be that of your health. You must make sure that you visit the accident and emergency department of the local hospital, or at the very least make an appointment to see your doctor at the earliest opportunity. Even if you make a successful claim for personal injury compensation, it can never make up for a lifetime of health problems which could have been avoided by seeking medical advice promptly.

Get Advice About How to Claim Personal Injury in Ireland From an Irish Solicitor

After your injuries have been treated, you should always seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury compensation solicitor. A solicitor is in the best position to help you determine your eligibility to claim personal injury compensation in Ireland. You will be given important advice about how to claim personal injury in Ireland, and the procedures you must follow. You will also be told how to go about collecting evidence to prove that the accident was caused by third party negligence.

Contacting an Irish solicitor for advice is important if you wish to make a claim in Ireland. Not only will an Irish personal injury compensation solicitor be well versed in the compensation laws in Ireland, but he will be totally familiar with the legal processes and up to date with recent court precedents.

How to Claim Personal Injury in Ireland Through the Injuries Board

The Injuries Board Ireland has to be involved in almost all claims for personal injury compensation in Ireland. The Injuries Board Ireland was created to reduce the pressure on court system caused by the volume of civil claims for personal injury compensation in Ireland, to assess compensation claims and to assign the appropriate personal injury compensation amounts to a claim. The Injuries Board Ireland is an independent government body which provides impartial advice, and claims to save accident victims money by avoiding solicitor’s fees. However, a successful claim made with the assistance of a solicitor with experience of how to claim personal injury compensation in Ireland will see a claimant’s legal fees paid for by the losing party, and the claimant will not be required to pay for their legal representation if the claim is won. Claims undertaken on a No Win No Fee basis will also not involve paying for the costs of a solicitor.

The benefits of the Injuries Board Ireland are many; however avoiding using a solicitor is not in a claimant’s best interests, and can actually result in a lower amount of compensation being claimed that would otherwise be possible with professional and independent legal advice from a solicitor.

It is in Your Best Interests to Have Your Claim Assessed by an Experienced Irish Solicitor

There are several aspects of a personal injury claim which the Injuries Board Ireland do not always take into account when assessing a claim for personal injury compensation in Ireland. Every compensation claim is unique; however the Injuries Board does not take each individual situation into account to the extent that a solicitor will. The injuries Board Ireland will not fully factor in the sex, age and general health of the claimant and this can have an important bearing on how much compensation is claimed.

When a solicitor prepares your claim for personal injury compensation, although it may still be required to go to the Injuries Board, your solicitor will construct the strongest possible case which will include all aspects of an injury and any loss of amenity. This should help to ensure that you claim your full entitlement to personal injury compensation.

How to Claim Personal Injury in Ireland Without a Court Appearance

Claiming compensation for a personal injury does not always require an appearance in court, nor do the courts have to deal with a great many claims for personal injury compensation in Ireland. Insurance companies are often keen to settle a claim out of court, and avoid the costs and uncertainty that comes from having a judge preside over the case. However obtaining a fair settlement from an insurance company requires expert negotiation skills. Insurance companies are highly adept when it comes to limiting their costs and reducing the compensation that an accident victim receives.

Our personal injury compensation solicitors are well aware of the tactics used by insurance companies to limit their liabilities and increase profits, and we have had many years of experience in obtaining fair settlements for our clients. With the experience and skill of our solicitors working on your claim, you will be able to increase your chances of receiving a fair and appropriate out of court compensation settlement.

How to Deal With an Offer of Settlement From a Third Party Insurer

There is an increasing trend of third party capture with insurance companies in recent years, which sees insurers contacting accident victims with offers of early settlement. Such offers may even be provided before an accident victim has been made aware of the full extent of their injuries, or before legal advice has been received. There is much concern about such offers, as the potential for under-settling a claim is very high – especially when the accident victim is unaware of their full entitlement to compensation and may still be confused after an accident.

Accident victims are often offered what seems like a good deal, yet it is often the case that this sum is inadequate, and will not cover the cost of treatment, let alone lost earnings and expenses. The offers are often made with a promise of early payment, and this can be very tempting for an accident victim who is under financial pressure due to the injuries they have sustained.

You should bear in mind that you may be put under pressure to make a decision about whether to accept a compensation settlement, but you can take time to consider the offer. You should also contact an experienced personal injury compensation solicitor for advice about accepting an offer of settlement from an insurance company. When you call our compensation claims helpline we will be happy to give you a free assessment of your claim. If an insurer’s offer is fair, and we think that it is worth your while accepting, we will tell you so. If it is not, we will advise you of your options and what you should do next.

Free Advice About How to Claim Personal Injury in Ireland

The best way to find out how to claim personal injury in Ireland is to call our free compensation claims helpline for advice. Calls to the helpline are free of charge, and so is the advice you will receive.

All calls are treated in the strictest confidence, and an experienced personal injury solicitor will answer your call. The call will involve you explaining the circumstances of the accident, how you sustained your injuries and what your doctor has told you about the injuries you have sustained. After listening to your account, we will be able to assess your eligibility to make a claim for personal injury compensation in Ireland and will give you an indication of the strength of your claim.

You will be advised of your legal rights, how long a claim it should take for your compensation claim to be resolved and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Our helpline is free from obligation and you will not be put under pressure to make a decision about claiming. The advice you receive will be impartial, up to date and accurate.

You will be advised of your options for making a claim for personal injury compensation and will be told what you need to do next in order to commence a claim.

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