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Head Injury Claims for Compensation

The majority of head injury claims for compensation originate from road traffic accidents, injuries sustained whilst out and about, and those acquired in a work environment.

The term “head injury” need not only relate to physical damage to the skull, but also loss of function to any of the organs that reside within the skull – such the brain, eyes, ears and mouth. Head injuries can also happen when you visit a medical practitioner – such as dentist, ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon – who causes you an injury during the course of your treatment.

Because of the vital organs contained within the skull, injuries to the head take on a greater significance than injuries to some other parts of the body.

Head injury claims for compensation have a tendency to be complicated and lengthy. Inasmuch as it is always recommended that you approach a claim for compensation with the assistance of a specialised personal injury claims solicitor, it cannot be emphasised enough that head injury claims for compensation should be managed by a solicitor with experience of similar claims in the past.

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What Type of Head Injury Claims Are There?

Head injury claims for compensation can originate from so many sources, it is impossible to make a comprehensive list of how they occur. The potential for head injury starts during the delivery process and follows you through your formative years, when teachers and carers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your development. It continues through your adult life – when driving a car, for example – until old age catches up with you, and you are more susceptible to trips and falls on uneven surfaces.

The most dangerous types of head injuries are those which affect the brain. Cyclists, particularly young ones, can receive a sudden impact to the head when being knocked from their bicycles in a road traffic accident, causing the brain to ricochet inside the skull and cause permanent brain damage. Similar injuries are caused if your head hits a windscreen, if you fall from a height and bang on head when you land, or trip and fall in the street and your head connects with a solid object on your way down.

Other head injuries can be acquired over a period of time, rather than due to a traumatic experience. The loss of hearing due to working in a noisy environment without adequate protection is one reason for head injury claims for compensation. Constant and poorly protected exposure to “Welder´s Flash” is another, usually work-related, ailment which could be classed as a head injury. Poor positioning of computer terminals may not only lead to a deterioration of your eyesight, but also long term repetitive strain injuries to the neck.

Whenever you sustain an injury to your head, or suffer an injury to any organ inside of it, you are entitled to make head injury claims for compensation when there was somebody else responsible for causing your injury.

Whether it was an employer who failed to provide adequate safety protection, another driver that did not pay attention when they were driving, a medical practitioner who was negligent in his duty of care when treating you or the local council, who failed to maintain the footpath in a safe condition, you should speak with a solicitor about making head injury claims for compensation.

Making Head Injury Claims for Compensation

Head injury claims for compensation are made to either the Injuries Board Ireland or directly to the courts, depending on how the injury originated. Claims for work related injuries, those sustained in road traffic accidents and trip, slips and falls whilst out and about would be submitted to the Injuries Board of Ireland, whereas cases of head injury claims which are due to medical malpractice have to be presented directly to a court.

Some personal head injury claims for compensation which are originally submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland may have to be settled in court when the negligent party denies his liability for your head injuries or claims that you contributed to your injuries through your own lack of care.

Head injury claims which require a determination of liability are declined by the Injuries Board, and they will issue you with an authorisation to pursue your head injury claim through the courts.

Your best course of action, once you have ensured that your head injury poses no further risk to your long term health, is to discuss your entitlement to claim compensation with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor.

A solicitor will be able to offer accurate and practical advice about the steps you should take to ensure you receive a fair and adequate award of compensation, irrespective of whichever channel your claim is pursued through.

Further Information about Head Injury Claims for Compensation

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident for which you were not entirely to blame, and have sustained a head injury – or if you have worked in an environment which has led to a work-related head injury – you are invited to call our free advice service on 1-800 989 999 to get further information about head injury claims for compensation.

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